Coaches Testimonials

"I am very happy and excited to write to you about Iyene and her progress at The Taft School in Watertown, CT.  She has transitioned remarkably well here as a student athlete.  In the classroom and outside on the golf course she has made a great impact.  Academically, she is participating and doing very well in all her classes English, Math, History, Science and even has taken on a role in Robotics!  On the golf course, she played in our number two position all season long which is great as a 10th grader. She just turned 16! She won seven of her team matches and usually was competing against girls who are much older and committed to attend Division 1 universities and colleges!  This is really fantastic.  Some  of her scores typically ranged just above par ( 36 or 37).  Playing in the northeast with rough weather conditions some of the scores she was able to post were 37, 38, 39, 40, 41 for 9 holes and 78 for 18 holes.  She can break 80 consistently! Iyene helped our team win the Founders League Championship by 11 strokes.  She has a very natural golf swing with tremendous power and balance. I have not changed her swing at all, instead I am trying to coach her on course management, knowing when to have more confidence  to take high percentage risks, and to trust herself.  I teach sports psychology, so I am very proactive on the proper "Mindset"! The four C's I like to convey to my players are: Confidence, commitment, composure, and concentration.  We spend time talking about the "next shot" mentality and letting go, and not trying to play perfectly.  This attitude allows players to play in a more relaxed state. We have adapted Dr. Bob Rotella's philosophy, a famous sports psychologist who works with many professional golfers.  Our team does in class videos and discusses his techniques on breathing and visualization.  Iyene is learning the importance of keeping a positive attitude and using positive self-talk.  These are the things that will continue to assist her while playing at high levels. Iyene has great potential and we are just cracking the surface of what she can achieve."
Mrs Ginger O'Shea, The Taft School Girls' Varsity Golf Coach , Taft School
mail : osheag@taftschool.org , Tel. 860-945-7840 Sports Psychology/Girls’ Varsity Golf
"Based on just brief observations, Iyene has a very good swing. It is a great interpretation of the modern swing. Good weight transfer, body sequencing, and a good balanced follow-through" "I really think that Iyene has a very bright future in golf"
Peter Seaman, PGA Head Golf Professional
246 Guernseytown Rd. Watertown, CT  06795 , pseaman@watertowngolfclub.org , 860.274.4387
John Dickson, PGA Head Professional Coach South Africa
Tel: +27 82 990 7201 and Email : john@dicksongolf.co.z